Choosing the right wedding photographer.

There are many important decisions to be made before your wedding day none more so than choosing the right photographer. This person will be with you for most of the day and depending on the style of photography you choose may need to talk to you and your guests at some point. Plus, along with your rings, your photographs may be the only record of your day that you will look at over the years.

Here are my top ten tips on choosing the right wedding photographer for you.

  1. Decide on the style of photography you like best:

Traditional, Reportage/documentary, contemporary  high fashion, modern stylised, vintage, or a mixture. Look at websites, magazines, Pinterest etc to choose the style that is right for you and that reflects your personality.

Think about how this may also impact on your day. Documentary/reportage will mean you spend more time with your guests.  If you want high fashion contemporary this may mean being away from your party for some time.  A large list of group photos will also mean less time talking to guests and enjoying a drink during your drinks reception.

2. Meet with at least three photographers. If you are seeing a large studio with more than one photographer make sure you meet with the photographer who will be taking the photos on your wedding day. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your photographer, especially the bride when getting ready in the morning. Is this their full time job?

3.  What equipment does the photographer use? Is it professional kit?  Do they have a range of Lenses? How do they cope with low light and different weather conditions? Do they have spares, backups and how and when do they backup your pictures.

4. Do they supply albums, coffee table books, images on disc or usb. If the photographer offers albums only and provides a proof book with photographs, check how many photos you get within the price and whether there is an extra charge for extra photos or images on disc.

5.  Ask for details of full pricing, can you choose a disc/usb option now and opt for books later? Is there any flexibility on hours they will cover on the day and style and size of albums or books they provide.. Do they offer bespoke packages?

6.  Make sure you see examples of complete wedding albums not just cherry picked pictures from different weddings.

7.  Check the small print. Are the photos on the disc in High Resolution with no watermark? How many images do you get and what are the reproduction rights? Photographers hold the copyright but they can give you rights to copy and share for personal use.

8.  Does the photographer visit the venue with you and discuss your plans for the day and include a pre- wedding photo shoot?Do they attend any rehearsals you may be having?

9.  Do they have Public Liability and Personal  Indemnity Insurance?  The venue requires that the photographer has insurance as well as you.

10.  What happens if the photographer can’t make it on the day? Is there a backup system in place?

For a complete A-Z on how to choose the right photographer for you, please contact me.


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