First Dance

First Dance

The cake has been cut, ‘our tune’ has been selected, the groom is looking nervous, the guests are gathered around the dance floor, we must be ready for one of the most romantic moments of a wedding day, the first dance.

Whether it’s a slow shuffle around the dance floor to a ballad, a stunning, well rehearsed waltz or a lively jive it’s one of the few moments during the day that the bride and groom can be together.  Here are some of my favourites.IMG_3098







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IMG_2554Music can make or break the evening celebrations but with a great DJ or band that suites the couples personality, one that engages with the guests enough but not to much, can judge the mood of the evening and adjust music accordingly, the evening will always be a success.

IMG_1257 IMG_3243 IMG_8406 IMG_1632


IMG_6642 IMG_4860

IMG_5575I love it when the bride dances with her father. Gets me every time  as I was not able to do this at my wedding as my father had passed away.


And may be sometimes the couple can have a private dance all to themselves. wedding_Ireland_Dingle_beach       IMG_6767bwstarlet


IMG_0974Even if I have been booked just until first dance I love to stay for a while to capture some of the guests dancing, especially the Mums and Dads.


Bands and DJs featured: Smile Events, Lovelight, Showtime,  DJ Choice,The Cassettes, The Milkshakers, Beat Junkie, Co Jones and The Somebodys. Kaleigh Band and Dholki Drummer.

Venues featured: Hatfield House, High Elms Manor, St Michael’s Manor, Hendon Hall, Hunton Park, Fanhams Hall, Ashridge House, Priory Barn, Micklefield Hall, Offley Place,  The St. Barnabus Centre and Beal Ban Beach, Dingle.


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