Highcliffe Castle

When Adam and Caroline asked me to photograph their wedding I was delighted to hear that their venue was to be Highcliffe Castle in my childhood home county of Dorset.

So with great excitement I drove down to Dorset last weekend to visit this beautiful venue with my lovely couple to hear all their plans for their big day and have a walk around the grounds.  There are so many stunning places to take photos but we fine tuned the list to Adam and Caroline’s favourites, otherwise we would be taking pictures for hours and hours on their wedding day and they wouldn’t have a chance to speak to their guests. As it is next to the beach we went for a lovely walk and I got to breath in some much missed sea air.  Then it was on to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, again situated in the most stunning location.

I am really looking forward to their wedding in May and spending some more time in this gorgeous part of the world.


Earlier in the week I met with a lovely local business woman to take some headshots for her new website. Like many women Gillian was very reluctant to have her photograph taken when it was suggested by her website designer (Paul from The Design Store, www.designstoreltd.com) but in the comfort of her own home where we could sit and have a drink and I could hear Gillian talk very passionately about her new venture, all was very relaxed.   She wanted the pictures to look warm and friendly, so that her clients would see a calm, approachable person that could help them, not at all ‘corporate’ and I think we achieved this. For privacy reasons Gillian did want her pictures featured in a blog but was very happy with the results and said    ‘she doesn’t know what she was worried about’.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished website.



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