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The Flower Shop Bushey

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Having walked along Bushey High Street many times over the years, the shop window of The Flower Shop, Bushey has always made me stop and look. There is always something interesting on display. As you walk closer, the gorgeous scents emanating from the shop entice you in. Not only are the flowers stunning but also the wonderful displays used to show the blooms at their best. Old garden tools, lovely vintage storage boxes, crates, buckets and baskets are all used to great effect. It’s great just to go in and have a look at the displays and I guarantee you won’t be able to leave without a flower or two.

Which is why I was delighted to see their distinctive van at a wedding I photographed last year. I couldn’t resist a chance to have a chat with Susie the florist and even better, spend a great afternoon in the shop, the perfect opportunity to chat to Susie and discover a little bit more about the florist right on my doorstep.

The Flower Shop Bushey display
Display at The Flower Shop Bushey

I started with the obvious question:-

How long have you been a florist in Bushey?

Susie:    I have been here for 20 years but I am the 4th generation of florists in my family. I first entered my Mum’s shop in Edgeware when I was two weeks old. My son Sam Roberts opened our sister shop in Market Street , Watford three years ago making him the 5th generation to be in this business.

So you could say flowers are in your blood?

Susie:    Definitely.

Susie working in The Flower Shop
Susie working in The Flower Shop

What do you like about being in Bushey?

Susie:    I like the area, it still has a pretty village feel with lovely surroundings, easy access to London but also easy access to the countryside.

What  area do you deliver to?

Susie:    We have an Inter flora business for nationwide, but for weddings and corporate displays we mainly cover Central and NW London, Hertfordshire and surrounding area.

What about your distinctive van?

Susie:    Yes everyone loves it. Brides ask us specifically to deliver flowers in the Morris.


The Flower Shop Bushey Morris Van
The Flower Shop, Bushey delivery van.

I notice that the real boss seems to be overseeing and supervising proceedings from his lofty seat at the back of the shop?

Susie:    Yes that’s Cookie. He is six and comes to the shop with me every day.

The Flower Shop Bushey by Parkwin Photography
Cookie the dog, The Flower Shop, Bushey



Along with your obvious love of flowers, what inspires you to create the beautiful displays that you do?

Susie:    The changing seasons. I always like to work with seasonal flowers, loving the spring flowers at the moment and looking forward to our Spring weddings.

Wedding at Tewin Bury Farm
Wedding at Tewin Bury Farm

Where do your flowers come from?

Susie:    Mainly from Holland and I visit New Covent Garden Flower Market twice a week.

The Flower Shop,  Parkwin Photography
Flowers in The Flower Shop Bushey

What are the main challenges of being a florist?

Susie:    It can be long hours.  For example; At the weekends we will have weddings on the Saturday and If we have a Sunday celebration  we will have worked late Saturday night to get everything ready.  Sunday morning we will deliver and set up displays which may need to be dismantled after the ceremony and moved to a new location for the reception later in the day.  Plus running the shop all week, visiting the market etc. We often have a very early start and very late nights.

There is also so much choice now, so clients want more.

More competition means we need to keep up to date, looking at new trends making sure we can deliver what our client wants. I follow all the fashion and colour trends.

What do you think will be the prominent trend for bridal bouquets in 2015?

Susie:    I think loose country flowers will be popular, flower heavy bouquets with wild flowers and ferns tied together with a long ribbon. Scents will be important with flowers such as Lilly of the Valley.

Blue and cream wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet

I’ve noticed that Gypsophilia seems to be fashionable again?

Susie: Yes, I think there will be less of the heavy, tightly packed bouquets this year with a more softer feel.

Do you think you have a particular style?

Susie: Definitely English Country Garden & vintage country style are my favourites but I love contemporary modern as well.

flower_closeup-bushey   wedding_ table_ flowers

What would your dream brief/ job be, or have you already done it?

Susie:   I have done many over the years from gorgeous weddings in top hotels to film work.  I have been very lucky to work in a successful business that I love.

Do you have fresh flowers in your home and what do you choose?

Susie: Yes I usually have Hydrangeas in a jam jar on my kitchen table.


Do you have any top tips to give to brides choosing their wedding flowers?

Susie:   Yes- You need to feel relaxed and happy. Don’t take the joy out of choosing your flowers by getting too stressed about the detail, colour of the decor at your venue for example.

Choose your favourite flowers, your favourite style and enjoy your flowers, that’s what it’s all about.

I’d like to thank Susie for letting me spend a lovely afternoon with her in The Flower Shop. For more information or to contact Susie please go to:

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